Many, parents in particular, have heard of the controversy surrounding the upcoming release of The Golden Compass movie. Unlike other issues (some just plain old urban myths) which may leave parents panicking, the Christians who have been discussing the books by Philip Pullman and this movie which is based on them, have some genuine concerns given comments by the author himself and the content of the books. This post by Al Mohler is the most thoughtfully prepared I’ve read on the subject. I guess his challenge to thinking Christian people towards the end of the article could be said about all the little and big cultural challenges we face in daily life.

It makes me wonder how much of the ‘seemingly innocuous’ we allow to colour our thinking, maybe because we aren’t discerning enough? Do we get carried away by the special effects, music and acting without questioning the worldview of the people who make the movies? Would it be possible for this to happen in the case of The Golden Compass if we hadn’t been warned?