David and I read this today in our daily readings by JC Ryle.

Read Luke 24: 13-35 (Emmaus road) Also read Mal 3: 16-17

What encouragement is given to believers in these verses to speak to one another about Christ! We are told of two disciples walking together on the road to Emmaus and talking of their Master’s crucifixion. And then there follow remarkable words (v. 15)

Conference on spiritual subjects is a most important means of grace. As iron sharpeneth iron, so does exchange of thought with bretherren sharpen a believer’s soul. It brings down a special blessing on all who make a practice of it. Malachi’s words are for the church in every age.

What do we know of spiritual conversations with other Christians? Perhaps we read our bibles and pray in private and [attend church]. It is all well, very well. But if we stop short here we neglect a great privilege and have yet much to learn. The Scriptures exhort us to provoke one another to love and good works and exhort and edify one another (Heb 10:24, 1 Thess 5:11)

Have we no time for spiritual conversations? Let us think again. The quantity of time wasted on frivolous, trifling and unprofitable talk is fearfully great. Do we find nothing to say on spiritual subjects? Do we feel tongue-tied and dumb on the things of Christ? Surely if this is the case there must be something wrong within. A heart right in the sight of God will generally find words (Matt 12:34)

Let us learn a lesson from the two travellers to Emmaus. Let us speak of Jesus when we are sitting in our houses and when we are walking by the way whenever we find a disciple to speak to (Deut 6:7). If we believe that we are journeying to heaven, where Christ will be the central object of every mind, let us begin to learn the manners of heaven while we are still on earth. So doing we shall often have One with us whom our eyes will not see, but One who will make our hearts burn within us by blessing the conversation.

For meditation: Matthew 12:36.