I have investigated the book I mentioned yesterday, a little further. Koorong will have my copy here in a few days!

This is from the back cover: “With remarkable ease and wisdom, Rebecca Jones takes a provocative look at the Bible and femininity in Does Christianity Squash Women? Written with twenty-first-century freshness, she examines the development of women’s issues through the Bible and then considers their implication for present-day Christian living. What’s discovered is not a box of confinement but rather a fulfilling path to freedom and purpose. When we accept God’s authority to define us,” says Jones, “we discover what it means to be a woman.”

This sounds like it may replace my current suggested reading material on this topic Let me be a Woman by Elisabeth Elliot. Or maybe it will complement it well. It certainly seems more up-to-date on the issues. Sounds like a blend of the EE book + Kirsten Birkett’s The Essence of Feminism, (also here).

The only part Amazon would let me read was from the first chapter, entitled Confusion. She’s obviously setting the scene of where our modern idea of womanhood has taken us. Here are a couple of quotes:

“Part of the laudable attempts to bring wealth and education to Third World countries is the questionable assumption that women will make “better” choices about fertility. Ironically, many Third World women, when asked what they would do differently if they were better off financially, responded, ‘I’d have more children’!”

And “Will our world be happier with fewer people in it? Or do ecofeminists actually throw the…bathwater out with the babies?”

She asks “How drastically has the influx of women into the marketplace cut available jobs for men?”

“Women’s bid for autonomy has made their children autonomous by default. Such little ones, without the presence of a strong yet merciful mother, are growing up rootless… Meanwhile, women are pouring their best into the corporation, instead of into their children, whom they love so dearly.”