I visit several other blogs regularly and the desiringgod blog just gave a book list recommended by the staff from their personal reading last year. It was pretty varied – only one repetition I think in the 24 person list! Some I’d read, some I’ve thought I’d like to read, many I’d never heard of. As I am (trying to) read 4 different books at the moment (not counting the bible and devotional) AND two waiting in the queue, maybe I shouldn’t even look.

I thought I’d mention it here because I know a couple of you will like to tick off the ones you have read and you may also be interested in investigating others. It would be a challenge for some of you to list and then actually read three books this year; for others, three will make a small percentage of the total. Have a look and see if your curiosity is not piqued! Here are a couple of specifics I thought of:

Bette and Alan: check out the second last one of the whole list.

Bette, Fran, DD: 12 books that changed the world.

Carly: I thought of you with this and also this (because you’ll be busy!)

Bette: Save the Cat.

I also thought The Tipping Point, Church History in Plain Language and The Nation of Rebels looked interesting. But what I was wondering was how our list would look if we all put one together. Anyone else interested?

PS I haven’t read these books so can’t say really what they are like, so investigate well before you purchase anything.