Yesterday a friend was here who is reading this book by Tony Payne. I was interested as it is another subject of importance in Scripture but we seem very adrift in our understanding of it as Christians. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its front cover; I know I read little of it (2 chapters – although it is an easy book to flit through as it is quite small). But I have to admit I am finding it very difficult to take him seriously after reading some of the remarks. In particular:

A conversation takes place with a doctor during his (Payne’s) vasectomy procedure. He then goes on to talk (very accurately) about how our understanding of fatherhood comes from God in the bible. But somehow…I’m gone. I’m sorry…I just can’t imagine God, our Father, having a vasectomy.

(the second thing I have a problem with is that during his wait in the clinic before the procedure it became clear to him that abortions were also performed in the same clinic – and he didn’t seem to even consider taking his money and his business elsewhere)

We need good books on Fatherhood. This book is probably one of them. But I’ll have to get over the stumbling blocks first.