“[I]f you are a Christian this morning you must realize you did not discover God. He graciously revealed himself to you. And that realization should leave you freshly amazed by the grace of God this morning. If you have received and responded to the message of the cross, this wasn’t the fruit of human wisdom or human intelligence. The ability to perceive the wisdom of God wasn’t resident within you from birth and eventually exercised and developed by you. This was, instead, revealed to you by the Holy Spirit. No one discovers God through human wisdom. Divine wisdom is revealed. If it is perceived, it is because it has been revealed, revealed through the preaching of the gospel and by the work of the Holy Spirit revealing Christ and him crucified to sinners like you and me.”

This is quoted from a sermon given by CJ Mahaney and it is followed by an account of his testimony which is very similar to Alan’s. It’s also very exciting – God takes lost, confused, sinful humans and turns them into men and women of God!

Today begins O-week at UNE. I am always aware that this is a time of great anticipation, self-confidence and sin-pursuing by new undergratuates coming to Armidale this week. And tho’ I can’t see ‘behind the scenes,’ each year around about now, I am also aware that God uses new situations to pull people up, to confront them with the gospel and to turn their lives around.

As Frances and Elizabeth are there as students themselves, I pray that they and their Christian friends will be used by God to proclaim his message to others, and that many will be saved this year….