There have been growing concerns about the Anglican church over recent years. We joined a fellowship of bible believing, evangelical, Anglicans about 8 years ago and we learned of concerns about the adoption of liberal theology among the denomination internationally and the internal conflicts which are a result. There are some (anglican) strongholds of truth still around, though not many.

Being in such a great, bible teaching fellowship may dull us to the extent of the battle but I’ve had a wake up call over the last couple of days. The issues unsurprisingly, are homosexuality, abortion, feminism and the authority of the bible. It’s natural I guess when the church follows the world’s thinking. It is serious, and it is sad.

This summary of the dilema comes from an article in which highlights the issues:

“This is about two versions of Christianity which are in a strong state of difference. You’ve got the original biblical Christianity which the church, the Christian church throughout the world has held to over the past 2000 years and then you’ve got this new liberal postmodern Christianity which has evolved especially in the western world over the last 100 years or so. It’s like two ships that have gradually pulled apart and can no longer really sail together and the trouble is, it’s pulling the church apart as it does that.”

Further to this, the Melbourne Anglican church is heading down a slippery slope on the abortion debate. These things speed up the further along they travel.

Happily, Sydney still speaks its mind on these issues. But I think that unless we (as individuals and personally) take a very serious, thoughtful approach to dealing with them, the arguments may sweep us up and overtake us. Hosea 4:14b “[T]he people without understanding are ruined.”

I am reminded of a bold letter which the Anglican church in Uganda wrote (in 2003) in response to an offer of money by the Episcopal (anglican equivalent) church in the USA, refusing their money because of “their resolution and consequent action of consecrating and enthroning an openly confessed homosexual, Gene Robinson, as the Bishop of New Hampshire Diocese in the Anglican Communion.” The letter reads in part:

“The Word of God is clear that you have chosen a course of separation that leads to spiritual destruction. Because we love you, we cannot let that go unanswered. If your hearts remain hardened to what the Bible clearly teaches, and your ears remain deaf to the cries of other Christians, genuine love demands that we do not pretend that everything is normal…”

It is heartening that there is boldness to seek and preserve truth. We should pray for our leaders who speak for us and teach us.