It’s astounding that you continually grow in your understanding of something you’ve known about for years and years. I do like that.

Last post I quoted: How Christians think about and live out our male-female distinctions is one of the foremost evangelistic tools in reaching those who have not understood the gospel.

Christian marriage is yet another tool to speak to the world about Christ and God’s glory. It is closely tied to our understanding of masculinity and femininity yet on a more specific level. Too often it seems that Christians live as if marriage is simply a ‘good’ arrangement that enables us to get our own needs met, in security.

This article (by Albert Mohler) shows that marriage, for Christian people, is much more than just ‘good’ for society and security, but that it is designed to bring glory to God. He doesn’t say much about it being a reflection of the Godhead but that is just something more to ponder later.

From the article: Our chief end is to glorify God — and marriage is a means of His greater glory. As sinners, we are all too concerned with our own pleasures, our own fulfillments, our own priorities, our own conception of marriage as a domestic arrangement. The ultimate purpose of marriage is the greater glory of God — and God is most greatly glorified when His gifts are rightly celebrated and received, and His covenants are rightly honored and pledged.