Yesterday when our English class finished, Polly told us (me and my two Chinese students; Kelly and Joyce) she could hear us in her office laughing our heads off. Each week we read some of the New Testament then work through pronunciation and new vocab usually discussing the passage as we go. Yesterday was astounding and when I reviewed the hour, this is what we covered, all from Matthew 19;

– Male reproductive anatomy and other issues

– What it means to be made in the image of God

– The two ways to live – meaning in Christ or out of Christ

– Marriage a reflection of the Trinity, not just a good social arrangement.

– History of Indigenous/Colonial Australia, stolen generation, racial/social issues in Armidale

– The balance of democratic Australian government, political parties (just the two main ones) and what they mean, extremes of this. eg: right wing/communism

**Go read it and see if you can work out which sections dictated the conversation!**