Been at Hungry Head for a few days with my girls (daughters; Frances and Elizabeth and daughter-in-law; Carly) so I’m just catching up on blogs and news.

Links for later reference: Reports in news re: ABC GAFCON

Disputes in major US denominations, GAFCON website,

Further to our conversation Catherine: Thoughts on Sheltering, Diane – link re: today’s yak husbands/wives/marriage intimacy,

Mainly for Bette and Fran about specs.

This reminded me of an article I have by Susan Wise Bauer about the dangers (in brain development) of young children using computers and other electronic media. My article highlights issues raised in the book Endangered Minds – Why our children don’t think and what we can do about it.” I can’t put the article on my blog but would be happy to email the document to interested people.