John Piper recommends this bible reading plan in ‘When I Don’t Desire God’ and I have been meaning to download it since I read about it yonks ago.

The plan has only 25 days reading per month, which is fab for me because (realistically) I will miss days here and there. In that past when I’ve followed a plan, I get behind, feel out of the swing of things and give up! This way I can catch up on the leftover days. <big smile> Someone like Bette, who’ll never get behind, could use the leftover days to do some special reading.

Also Diane suggested that if the 4 readings (2 x OT, 2 x NT) were too much for one day, you could just read one OT and one NT and take it over two years.


Alan saves quotes. He’s been doing it for years. When he reads a good’n, he bothers to write it down. This is great because then I can say “who was that guy who said such and such”. Keep it up bro’.

Today he gave me these from his storehouse:

“True Christians find by experience, that any interruption in the exercise of their faith, causes holy affections to decline, their corruptions to revive, and their comforts to droop”
– Matthew Henry (on John 15:1-8)

“First get your facts; then you can distort them at your leisure.”
– Mark Twain