Last night I read an article which discussed parental concerns over behaviour in children. For such a short article it interestingly pointed out the following:

-there *is* a difference in boys and girls (unlike others who aren’t so sure)

-parents of boys are more likely to seek the advice of a behavioural expert

But also hidden in there was this comment which I thought quite insightful: …(the) large number of requests for intervention shows “the very, very narrow range of normalcy allowed for children these days.

Life for a child can be very complicated; they are off to care younger, into school often two years before they are legally required, pushed into remedial classes when they aren’t ‘up to pace’, taken off to extra curricula activities, and plagued with after school classes to ensure they don’t lose any advantage over their classmates. Could it mean that any child who simply doesn’t jump though all these hoops is considered ‘not normal’?

Wouldn’t it be nice if children were able to ‘just grow up’?