I have been reading some new (to me) blogs over the last few months (since you took me to Equip, Carly) Once you find one…you know the story, it leads you on. Wow, there is some writing talent out there and they would leave me intimidated if I was trying to have *my* voice heard here on my humble little blog…but since I’m not and I’m so blessed by what they have to say, I will keep roaming around.

True to the raison d’etre, here are some links:

How should we value motherhood and where ministry fits in to it all. Well, it’s actually called Motherhood -less children, more ministry?

Another entitled “How many children should I have?” Having lived in a world of extremes both ways, I have never read a more balanced and encouraging discussion on this topic. Is it only ever just theory?

The Equipbooks discussion on the book Feminine Appeal.

The comments on all these posts are very useful. Enjoy.