Along with the other people at equipbooks, I have been reading The Feminist Mistake by Mary Kassian. For your own interest check out the notes on the equipbooks site, they are really very helpful.

Feminism’s whole foundation is built upon women’s desire to be autonomous. The whole issue is so clearly a theology of glory (which began in the garden when Satan offered autonomy to Eve and then Adam).

Here are a few lines from Gerhard Forde which show the thinking to be what it is:

He says: In the absence of clear understanding…[i]t is evident that there is a serious erosion or slippage in the language of theology today. Sentimentality leads to a shift in focus…[t]o take a common example, we apparently are no longer sinners, but rather victims, oppressed by sinister victimizers whom we relentlessly seek to track down and accuse.

Since we are victims and not really sinners, what we need is affirmation and support…The language slips and falls out of place. It becomes therapeutic rather than evangelical. It must he trimmed more and more…In thesis 21 of the Heidelberg Disputation Luther says that a theologian of the cross “says what a thing is,” whereas a theologian of glory calls the bad good and the good bad.

But the truth is that A (true) theology of the cross is not sentimentalism. To be sure, it speaks much about suffering. A theologian of the cross, Luther says, looks at all things through suffering and the cross. It is also certainly true that in Christ God enters into our suffering and death. But in a theology of the cross it is soon apparent that we cannot ignore the fact that suffering comes about because we are at odds with God…Now we in turn suffer the absolute and unconditional working of God upon us. It is a suffering because…we cannot abide such working.

The whole article makes great sense and isn’t merely a criticism. He ends: My suspicion is that the malaise of the theology of glory is the ultimate source of contemporary despair. My assumption is that a theology of the cross brings hope—indeed, the only ultimate hope.


(The book Forde wrote On Being a Theologian of the Cross is an amazing read too).