Just found this blog. It might interest you if you’d like to read a feminist’s view of feminism history. Or possibly if you have read The Feminist Mistake. It is one person’s research (for a TAFE women’s studies program). This was the first post I read. As Isaiah 5:20 says evil can be spoken of as good and this scripture seems to apply to much of this content. But I am encouraged to think a bit harder if I’m to avoid simply wiping her view aside (or accepting it on face value).

I found the summary of a view of education interesting. I am amazed that women are *still* asserting that the education system discriminates against and disadvantages girls (as opposed to boys…my personal opinion is that the education system does no one any favours when compared to a living education)

I say that I am amazed because having studied education during the early 80s and then again in the early 90s I could see the changes which had been introduced in policy in favour of girls’ education. It seemed to me then that quite the reverse had happened. This is reinforced by research for example: “The War Against Boys – How Misguided Feminism is Harming Our Young Men” (pub 2000)

For what it’s worth…