but you might get the sack if we don’t agree….

“Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon today dismissed co-author Warwick Marsh, after he refused to distance himself from some of the document’s claims that homosexuality is a mental disorder and that gay men are more likely to molest children.” Read the ABC article here.

The Age reports too.

It is now clear that the Australian government thinks that homosexuality is the norm…[O]ne of the most dedicated champions of the men’s movement and one of the most passionate pro-family advocates was threatened with the sack as a men’s health ambassador by Health Minister Nicola Roxon yesterday. The implication is clear: tolerance of the homosexual lifestyle will now be coerced, if need be. And any opposition to the homosexual agenda will be swiftly dealt with by the Government. Read the rest of this article at Culturewatch.

<sigh> we live in a world which would rather view this as “anti-gay” rather than “pro-family.”