As mentioned in a previous post, Christians should, without a doubt, read books. I got thinking about it again today when I came across this post from Tim Challies:

10 Tips to Read More and Read Better.

I’ve linked to this one before: Desiring God blog’s post – On Reading

A couple of extra tips:

– Don’t compare yourself with other (more voracious) readers. Be realistic for you (but challenge yourself)

– If you are not a natural ‘book worm’ read with a friend; set a realistic deadline and get together to discuss it.

– Discipline time into the regular things of life. When my children were young, the hour after lunch was a quiet time when they had to stay on their bed and read (or think) or sleep. So with bed time…you could read till you fell asleep if you were quiet. [I most often fell asleep both times 🙂 but I’m better at it now they are older]

– Turn off the TV (or throw it out?)

– Talk to people about the books you read.

– Think about mind renewal. If this is what God is about (Romans 12: 2) let’s show him we are serious about it.

NB (for that unusual overstimulated-by-books-type-person):

I just found this post which aligns with my first tip.