Ok. Day 3 of being thankful. Here I am in Sydney in the noise and the heat and the hussle and the bussle. This is what I am thankful for:

– I am thankful because this morning I realised that being thankful is something I can choose to do. Now that sounds ridiculously glib but bear me out…I woke with many reasons to be grumpy; it was way too early, very noisy, it was HOT and I had a very severe headache which I’d had for days, then when I finally drifted off to sleep again, Alan rang to say hi. (as I said, I’m in Sydney and by myself) Again, you may say ‘glib, just get over it’ but for months now it seems sadness, negativity and blah have been my constant friends/enemies.  So as I lay there fully realising I could be grumpy or choose not to be, I suddenly *knew* I could do it. Somehow, I’d got into the mindset that to be thankful I had to be happy about everything. But this is wrong. And I became thankful, though nothing changed.

Just so you know some of the other things about my day…I will tell you. These made me happy (and thankful)

– I watched as my big boy changed his little girl. When she squawked I heard him tell her firmly but lovingly that he was the daddy and there’ll be some things he does because he knows best, that she mightn’t like it, but well, he knows best. Now that is a sensible dad if you ask me. And he’s only been in the job for 3 months!

– I went to a doctor whom I liked and I think will be helpful to me.

– Carly took Diane and me to Newtown. We went to a button shop. Now I’m not mad, like some, about crafty/arty stuff but this place was inspiring…and I bought some buttons and beads and things…

– Diane and I sat in a cafe in Newtown [get this: no kids, no husbands, just Diane and me] for 2 hours. We had a delicious dinner and talked about everything and were, well, just happy.

– Carly is making Christmas cookies while we’ve been discussing deep, probing and serious theological and philosophical questions. Nothing merely hypothetical but real questions arising from some of the more sobering experiences we have shared…because (I’ve just realised) we’ve known each other long enough now to have shared real life. We aren’t strangers who are ‘just related’ anymore. I love my daughter-in-law.