fran_labriTo do:

tomorrow – drive to sydney and drop frances at SMBC
tuesday – drive home without her
for the next three years – pray for her every day

particulars to pray and thank god for:
– not having lived anywhere but armidale means there are some nerves, but she is sure of god’s loving hand marking out her steps.
– she’s been given advanced standing for greek and hebrew which has a number of benefits but one of those is that she’ll have less to study to begin with.
– the masters degree she is doing in just another step…adding theology to her substantial greek studies will allow her to move into bible translation at wycliff in melbourne (god willing)

The photo here was taken in ’92 in the library at English L’Abri. Her input valves have been open since she was little and she just keeps taking more in… I’m so grateful to God for all that he has done in this precious life.