For years the book Rembrandt: Life of Christ has been a visual aid for our gospel readings, but never more regularly than at Easter time. I just love it. Of significance to me is that Rembrandt put a self portrait under the cross (figure in the blue artists beret), indicating his personal involvement in the crucifixion.

As I child, I struggled with the question “Would I have screamed out with the crowd, ‘Crucify him’?”
The nuns who taught me, stressed to me that I would have been caught up in the hysteria, but I could never really accept that. I knew I loved God. I had some comprehension (by God’s grace), even as a 7 year old girl, of the Cross as something done for me, but didn’t know then how much I needed to mature and realise (also through the grace of God) the reality of the Cross as something done by me. (see this post)