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Watch esp from about 3.45 minutes in


Just a comment in an ABCnews article I read this morning about the recent federal budget.

Make of this what you will: [The Labor government] is getting rid of the “dependent spouse tax offset” that in practice allowed men who were rich enough to have kept wives to claim a tax concession – an anachronism that was regressive, discouraged workforce participation and has no place in today’s society and economy.

It’s pretty obvious to me.

A realistic look at overpopulation and world resources? I get tired of the too-many-people-in-the-world argument. It’s good to see a counter argument. Check out the overpopulation is a myth website.

When Laura Ingalls Wilder was a girl, she couldn’t wait to be old enough to wear her hair ‘up’. It would show she was a grown woman. This was something she aspired to. <sigh> I’ve noticed for a long time now that women (and men) in our times have reverse aspirations…they dress, style their hair and behave as young as possible. I don’t know if the ‘un-aspiration’ egg of youth toward adulthood came before the ‘reverse-aspiration’ chicken of adults to young, hip and cool, but we’re clearly in a bit of a pickle these days.

This article from Covenant Eyes argues that the older generation have now been completely left behind and due to the ‘advance’ of technology and digital communication, we live in a world where, adults are disappearing, and children hold the power. Parents today strain for glimpses inside the mysterious world of their teenager’s digital life. For the first time in history, teens are able to lock parents out of more than their rooms. It appears adults are getting younger, just not in the way they hoped for.”

It’s worth a look, read and a think. It made my stomach ache a little. It would have made my stomach ache a lot but for the knowledge that God is sovereign.

A comment on the two arguments for and against limiting a child’s freedom with the internet: if we seek to raise children who are counter-cultural (I would suggest that Christian parents should want their children raised counter to our culture; particularly in their ‘thinking’) then we need to think about how that may be achieved.

I want you to hear this.  (stolen from Thorsten and Claudia … who undoubtedly stole it from someone else)

What’s the answer?

…Joe’s backyard in fact. (and you can see Fran and Josh chillin’ on the grass).

From the concert at The Gate, held in May 2010. Bits of footage from Garage Hymnal:

If you want to know more about Joe and The Gate read this.

Question: What do you get when you combine; a group of disadvantaged teenagers, lots of junk and lots of energy?

Answer: Hot Schrott! (english: hot junk!)

♥ If you follow the link here, you can watch the original clip. (Couldn’t believe I found an English version but personally, the English presenters grate on me).


So where did this come from? Well, I’m always looking for good audio/video stuff to help improve my german language acquisition, and the Goethe Institut have heaps of cool learning materials. I just randomly came across it.

Don’t you think, well, their faces say it all?

It occured to me tonight that one of the greatest ways to strengthen a marriage is to desire to have a child.

  • It is both humbling and (relationship) strengthening for a husband to depend on his wife to bear him a child.
  • It is both humbling and (relationship) strengthening for a wife to rely on her husband for the seed and to give her body to nurture their common child.
  • It is both humbling and (relationship) strengthening for a couple to commit to raising a family together.
  • It is both humbling and (relationship) strengthening for a couple to pray together to their Father in expectancy.

Very rarely do you read a thoughful, intelligent, non-reactionary (from either side) Christian comment regarding contraception. In this post, Albert Mohler discusses some of the issues which are ignored by most or clouded over (by illogic) by the rest.

Using contraception, (at least until we’ve had some time to ourselves, or made some money, or finished our education…) is virtually unquestionable among young christian couples today. But Mohler notes, (in reference to the devolopment of contraceptive technology) that 100 years ago “adults who’d intend to have very active sex lives without any respect to the likelihood of children didn’t exist. And it’s now unexceptional.”

Further, The idea that sex would be severed from childbearing is a very modern concept — and a concept made meaningful only by the development of the Pill and its successor birth control technologies. The severing of this relationship represents a quantum change in human life and relationships, not to mention morality.

Methinks this yet another topic where we’ve allowed the events and minds of the world to shape our thinking, rather than asking our Father what he thinks about it.

Check out this website for a new way of ‘doing’ church: Somachurch and music @ Somachurch

(I’m interested of course, because my kids are involved – that’s my boy!)

but you might get the sack if we don’t agree….

“Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon today dismissed co-author Warwick Marsh, after he refused to distance himself from some of the document’s claims that homosexuality is a mental disorder and that gay men are more likely to molest children.” Read the ABC article here.

The Age reports too.

It is now clear that the Australian government thinks that homosexuality is the norm…[O]ne of the most dedicated champions of the men’s movement and one of the most passionate pro-family advocates was threatened with the sack as a men’s health ambassador by Health Minister Nicola Roxon yesterday. The implication is clear: tolerance of the homosexual lifestyle will now be coerced, if need be. And any opposition to the homosexual agenda will be swiftly dealt with by the Government. Read the rest of this article at Culturewatch.

<sigh> we live in a world which would rather view this as “anti-gay” rather than “pro-family.”