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Just a comment in an ABCnews article I read this morning about the recent federal budget.

Make of this what you will: [The Labor government] is getting rid of the “dependent spouse tax offset” that in practice allowed men who were rich enough to have kept wives to claim a tax concession – an anachronism that was regressive, discouraged workforce participation and has no place in today’s society and economy.

It’s pretty obvious to me.


And they might have them close together and more than the modern average family and…and…and… 

Another link to a post about contraception, specifically the pill. This article specifically looks at the possibility that the pill could cause abortion in one-in-slim-chances cases.

But it’s another one of those sacred cows so whatever you do, don’t talk about it.

When Laura Ingalls Wilder was a girl, she couldn’t wait to be old enough to wear her hair ‘up’. It would show she was a grown woman. This was something she aspired to. <sigh> I’ve noticed for a long time now that women (and men) in our times have reverse aspirations…they dress, style their hair and behave as young as possible. I don’t know if the ‘un-aspiration’ egg of youth toward adulthood came before the ‘reverse-aspiration’ chicken of adults to young, hip and cool, but we’re clearly in a bit of a pickle these days.

This article from Covenant Eyes argues that the older generation have now been completely left behind and due to the ‘advance’ of technology and digital communication, we live in a world where, adults are disappearing, and children hold the power. Parents today strain for glimpses inside the mysterious world of their teenager’s digital life. For the first time in history, teens are able to lock parents out of more than their rooms. It appears adults are getting younger, just not in the way they hoped for.”

It’s worth a look, read and a think. It made my stomach ache a little. It would have made my stomach ache a lot but for the knowledge that God is sovereign.

A comment on the two arguments for and against limiting a child’s freedom with the internet: if we seek to raise children who are counter-cultural (I would suggest that Christian parents should want their children raised counter to our culture; particularly in their ‘thinking’) then we need to think about how that may be achieved.

In the light of my last post about ‘having a mind towards family’ as a strengthener of marriage, I found this website interesting and encouraging and well, yes, we need to talk in these terms these days, because marriage and family don’t always go hand in hand anymore.

The Book

It’s a fresh look at a few other issues too. Enjoy.

It occured to me tonight that one of the greatest ways to strengthen a marriage is to desire to have a child.

  • It is both humbling and (relationship) strengthening for a husband to depend on his wife to bear him a child.
  • It is both humbling and (relationship) strengthening for a wife to rely on her husband for the seed and to give her body to nurture their common child.
  • It is both humbling and (relationship) strengthening for a couple to commit to raising a family together.
  • It is both humbling and (relationship) strengthening for a couple to pray together to their Father in expectancy.

Very rarely do you read a thoughful, intelligent, non-reactionary (from either side) Christian comment regarding contraception. In this post, Albert Mohler discusses some of the issues which are ignored by most or clouded over (by illogic) by the rest.

Using contraception, (at least until we’ve had some time to ourselves, or made some money, or finished our education…) is virtually unquestionable among young christian couples today. But Mohler notes, (in reference to the devolopment of contraceptive technology) that 100 years ago “adults who’d intend to have very active sex lives without any respect to the likelihood of children didn’t exist. And it’s now unexceptional.”

Further, The idea that sex would be severed from childbearing is a very modern concept — and a concept made meaningful only by the development of the Pill and its successor birth control technologies. The severing of this relationship represents a quantum change in human life and relationships, not to mention morality.

Methinks this yet another topic where we’ve allowed the events and minds of the world to shape our thinking, rather than asking our Father what he thinks about it.

elanor b:22-04-10

Born to Joe and Carly. A sister for Nadia.

Pancakes at Wollomombi Gorge one freezing morning

Diane sent this link: Mindful Eating.

We have almost always stressed points 2, 3 and 8, going at times, to the extreme of taking the phone off the hook in order to continue a book reading, or discussion.

Although these thoughts (enjoy your food and each other, and make the most of meals) almost go without saying, there are times in one’s life when it is more of a struggle to remember them; racing out the door to school, feeding a tableful of little ones, attending to urgent morning tasks, and as I’m finding now…having few people at the table. Most meals here during the week consist of just two of us. How easy it could be to race through and get back to the next task, or be tempted to just throw an egg on toast.

While I don’t go too much on counting the chews I chew, the points mentioned in “and the benefits?” should be stressed.  Can I suggest a further benefit – of being encouraged, and being encouraging, in the Spirit, by either the conversation with fellow meal-takers, or (if eating alone) by talking to our heavenly Father and thinking on these things.

My last suggestion: get creative. And not just about the food. Add a flower from the garden and a candle (an idea stressed by Edith Schaeffer) even if you are eating by yourself! And find interesting places to eat…try the free bbqs at the park, the sunroom or living room floor, a picnic in the backyard (thinking James Herriot!).

For free download of Peter Cook’s bookPeter Cook cover: Mothering Denied. The sources of love and how our culture harms infants, women, and society.

Note that Peter Cook is a secular child psychiatrist and many of his presuppositions are in direct discord with a Christian view. This doesn’t mean that his research has nothing to say to our modern world, or to thinking Christian people. Mothering is yet another area where Christians have sadly dropped the baton, forgetting that we should speak God’s thoughts to the world on all the issues of life.

fran_labriTo do:

tomorrow – drive to sydney and drop frances at SMBC
tuesday – drive home without her
for the next three years – pray for her every day

particulars to pray and thank god for:
– not having lived anywhere but armidale means there are some nerves, but she is sure of god’s loving hand marking out her steps.
– she’s been given advanced standing for greek and hebrew which has a number of benefits but one of those is that she’ll have less to study to begin with.
– the masters degree she is doing in just another step…adding theology to her substantial greek studies will allow her to move into bible translation at wycliff in melbourne (god willing)

The photo here was taken in ’92 in the library at English L’Abri. Her input valves have been open since she was little and she just keeps taking more in… I’m so grateful to God for all that he has done in this precious life.

My big boy with his little girl: