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will YOU be ready?


Pancakes at Wollomombi Gorge one freezing morning

Diane sent this link: Mindful Eating.

We have almost always stressed points 2, 3 and 8, going at times, to the extreme of taking the phone off the hook in order to continue a book reading, or discussion.

Although these thoughts (enjoy your food and each other, and make the most of meals) almost go without saying, there are times in one’s life when it is more of a struggle to remember them; racing out the door to school, feeding a tableful of little ones, attending to urgent morning tasks, and as I’m finding now…having few people at the table. Most meals here during the week consist of just two of us. How easy it could be to race through and get back to the next task, or be tempted to just throw an egg on toast.

While I don’t go too much on counting the chews I chew, the points mentioned in “and the benefits?” should be stressed.  Can I suggest a further benefit – of being encouraged, and being encouraging, in the Spirit, by either the conversation with fellow meal-takers, or (if eating alone) by talking to our heavenly Father and thinking on these things.

My last suggestion: get creative. And not just about the food. Add a flower from the garden and a candle (an idea stressed by Edith Schaeffer) even if you are eating by yourself! And find interesting places to eat…try the free bbqs at the park, the sunroom or living room floor, a picnic in the backyard (thinking James Herriot!).

raspberry-focaccia-11This delicious bread has been our favourite dessert over the holidays. Fantastic with Brie and either Fig and Chocolate Jam or Guava and Almond Paste, two yummy treats we picked up at Two Rivers, a winery in the Hunter Valley over New Year. For an (almost as delicious but) low fat treat try Low Fat Philly Cream Cheese!

Because it’s reasonably filling, it is a great compliment to light, summery, raw meals.

This pic is of the loaves I baked (for an order…ie: customer!) this morning. The original recipe was found here

I found this recipe today when I was surfing around looking for pumpkin recipes. It has no pumpkin in it. Although I haven’t made it yet, it looks just like a variation on choc self-saucing pudding. I found it on this website.

Mugachino Puddings (makes 6)

Melt two large T butter in a pan. Add ½ C milk, 1/4 C brown sugar, 2 T cocoa, 1 C SR flour, mix together. Divide into mugs.

Pour over 2 hot mugs of coffee sweetened with 6t sugar. Place mugs on baking tray. Add water to tray (to steam) Bake in mod oven for 30 minutes. Serve with cream or ice-cream. There will be a thick coffee sauce at the bottom.

All these croissants home made for about the same price as one at the bakery.

The recipe made 25 and I will never buy them again – they were so easy. (I will happily send the recipe to anyone who’d like to try!)