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…Joe’s backyard in fact. (and you can see Fran and Josh chillin’ on the grass).

From the concert at The Gate, held in May 2010. Bits of footage from Garage Hymnal:

If you want to know more about Joe and The Gate read this.


Question: What do you get when you combine; a group of disadvantaged teenagers, lots of junk and lots of energy?

Answer: Hot Schrott! (english: hot junk!)

♥ If you follow the link here, you can watch the original clip. (Couldn’t believe I found an English version but personally, the English presenters grate on me).


So where did this come from? Well, I’m always looking for good audio/video stuff to help improve my german language acquisition, and the Goethe Institut have heaps of cool learning materials. I just randomly came across it.

Don’t you think, well, their faces say it all?

As I quickly scanned a few blogs this morning, I thought these comments about Coldplay were of interest, esp since they are playing in Sydney next month and some of my fam have tickets! (HT josh harris)

Old truths proclaimed in (not that) old songs…

Thanks Frances for reminding me of the songs you grew up on:

Grave Robber.

More Power to Ya.

oh my God
i can’t believe
you’ve got me running now
i’m desperate for you

words by antiskeptic.

My thought when listening to this (it does repeat a few times!) on Tuesday night: ‘how different my desperation for God was as a young adult compared to now.’ God changes that, I think, and it becomes less an emotional outcry and more an inward ache which is there regardless of how busy, still, good, or bad life is. I pray he never lets me lose it.

Antiskeptic; one of my favourite bands. We’ll miss you!

nothing deep. just quick. the discards just got played on the local community radio (and we don’t even know where they got the promo cd from!)

The lyric above sums up the movie Once (for me)

Everyone knows I am not a movie person. For every eight movies my family watch, I’d watch one; I’d simply rather bake friands or read a book. But I am going to recommend this one. I liked it for a number of reasons.

– It’s a music movie. The actors/musicians are talented.

– It’s Irish.

– It deals with real people and it points to true things. It actually says something.

Language: yeah, well, sorry to say it’s very peppered with f words.

Sex: nothing. only a goodbye kiss.

Scene I personally relate to most: when the dad brings in the tea tray…

Favourite line: “Thanks for the company” (lonely people don’t need what they think they want)

Want to see: Mick and Stu cover “Falling Slowly”

I’ve had this in drafts for a couple of weeks. recently i learned that the imax in sydney is showing the same movie and i thought of it again. this was posted on the 9marks blog  just for interest…

I saw this on the sovereign grace blog. i listened to the you tube clip but am wondering what do my children (who have more bandwidth than I) think of the song samples?

Read about and hear sample from shai linne and his new album.

sounds pretty cool. In a couple of songs I listened to today he sounds like…Carol King!