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John 14:2 (this is the view from my earthly room)

1 Th 1:1  Paul, Silas and Timothy, To the church of the Thessalonians in God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ…

2 Th 1:1  Paul, Silas and Timothy, To the church of the Thessalonians in God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ…

Identical verses (written perhaps only weeks apart) stating the position of the Thessalonian Christians. Yes, of course, they are in Thessalonica; that’s why it says ‘to the church of the Thessalonians’ but it also says that they are ‘in God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ’. Paul wasn’t just using up ink!

I can tell by looking out the window that I am in Armidale but I need faith eyes to see my position ‘in Christ’. Sometimes I struggle to remind myself of that which I cannot see…with my natural eyes. Yet, sometimes I ‘see’ what I can’t explain; the insignificance of possessions, striving, control, money, ambition, reputation, things. I cannot put it into words, though my heart pounds louder as that view gains strength.

What do we strive for daily? Isn’t it to put good food on the table, be well dressed, have a lovely secure home and a happy family, to abound in the material things we enjoy, to leave an inheritance?

Charles Spurgeon used these words in response to this (and I’m thankful for him for the words):

The Christian is well fed—he feeds upon the flesh and blood of Jesus; he is well clothed—he wears the imputed righteousness of Christ; he is well housed—he dwells in God; he is well married—his soul is knit in bonds of marriage to Christ; he is well provided for—for the Lord is his Shepherd; he is well endowed—for heaven is his inheritance. It is well with the righteous—well upon divine authority; the mouth of God speaks the comforting assurance.

May our spiritual sight gain strength. Amen.


Read this first thing this morning and was encouraged to raise my eyes from low places.

Read this and be encouraged: Psalm 107:8


If we complained less and were more thankful, we would be happier, and God would be more glorified. Every day thank God for ordinary mercies-we refer to them as ordinary, and yet they are so priceless that without them we are ready to perish. Let us thank God for our eyes with which we see the sun, for the health and strength to walk around, for the bread we eat, for the clothes we wear. Let us thank Him that we are not among the hopeless or confined among the guilty; let us thank Him for liberty, for friends, for family associations and comforts. Read the rest of this short post.

In the matter of faith healing, health is set before us as if it were the great thing to be desired above all things. Is it so? I venture to say that the greatest earthly blessing that God can give to any of us is health, with the exception of sickness. Sickness has frequently been of more use to the saints of God than health has. CH Spurgeon.

Thanks Renee for putting me onto Alistair Begg. (She tells me his Scottish accent alone is worth listening to). We have limited bandwidth for several reasons, most of which I’m not sad about (but it’s complicated). So I don’t download or listen to sermons online tho’ I know there are many great resources out there. But I have subscribed to Begg’s daily devotional which gets sent into my inbox.

He uses Spurgeon’s “Morning and Evening” which have proved just the right length for a devotional type reading and very encouraging.

Today was from Joel 1:3 Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation. It begins:

In this simple way, by God’s grace, a living testimony for truth is always to be kept alive in the land: The beloved of the Lord are to hand down their witness for the Gospel and the covenant to their heirs, and these again to their next descendants. This is our first duty; we are to begin at the family hearth.

And: It is a pleasant duty to talk of Jesus to our sons and daughters, and the more so because it has often proved to be an accepted work, for God has saved the children through the parents’ prayers and admonitions.

Continue this short reading here.