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A realistic look at overpopulation and world resources? I get tired of the too-many-people-in-the-world argument. It’s good to see a counter argument. Check out the overpopulation is a myth website.


I wrote a whole scree of stuff about this article that Diane sent me the other night. But it was waffle. While it provided much for me to think about (peddling along Diane!) I really doubt my thoughts on it would interest anyone else.

But the article itself might. It is very long *but* it gets better.

Summary: Danish Island committed to sustainable energy alternatives. Swiss innovators working on the project who’ve developed ways to cut a general consumer’s energy consumption by…well, it depends on if you’re Bangladeshi or American…but for most of us, by lots. Wild estimations about how and why and what we’ve done to natural resources which can seem meaningless (and thus easily ignored). Interesting, but unintentional social comments.